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If I haven't yet painted that scene of your favourite place on the Lincolnshire coast, you can order custom artwork. 

Whether your happy place is in Skegness, Mablethorpe, Chapel St Leonards, Anderby Creek, Sutton on Sea, Sandilands or Cleethorpes (or anywhere in between!), I can create a piece of art that will capture your happy memories. 

I love working with customers to create a painting that's really special and personal, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like a painting of your own. 

If you'd like to know what other customers have said about my work, please take a look at my testimonials.

Commission a painting
Anderby commission



A commission is a new, unique painting just for you!

It's special to you, and brings you happy memories.


I know how personal a commissioned painting is.


So I work with you to make sure I understand why the scene is special to you, and what you're hoping for from the painting.



The process always starts with a conversation about what you'd like from your painting - the place, the scene, the mood. 


I do some preliminary work on the composition and colours.

 To do this, I can use photos you provide.


Or if it's a place local to me, I'll go and take my own reference photos, and do some sketches on scene.

I then create a brief proposal document for you.


It outlines my thought process, and how I think I can paint the scene you'd like. 

I share that with you so you can be confident you'll be happy with the outcome before I start work on your painting. 

If you're happy with my proposal, you can secure the work with a 50% deposit. 

The remaining 50% is payable on completion of the painting. 


You'll already know that I love painting seascapes and landscapes. 

For commissions, I often paint someone's favourite beach, with their favourite people (and dogs) included in the scene. 

I don't paint portraits of people but I do capture their likeness in my work.


I do though paint dogs, either as a 'studio style' portrait, or on the beach. For dog portraits, I'll need some good quality photographs from you. If you'd like me to paint your dog in the distance on the beach, I can work from a description of your dog, or from less detailed photographs.  

I also paint buildings - houses, beach huts, holiday homes, shop fronts. Any building that is special to you!


Commissions are priced according to their size, and how detailed the composition is.

As a guide, commissions for seascape and landscape paintings start at:

12x8" = £115 unframed, £140 framed

16x12" = £190 unframed, £225 framed

32x22" = £410 framed (usually only sold framed at this size)

39x32" = £665 framed (only sold framed at this size)


Larger size paintings may also be possible. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

Prices for dog portraits are slightly higher due to the detailed nature of the work, and start at:

12x8" = £155 unframed, £180 framed

16x12" = £240 unframed, £275 framed

32x22" = £470 framed (usually only sold framed at this size)

39x32" = £745 framed (only sold framed at this size)

Prices include p&p to UK mainland. 

To secure a commission, a 50% non-refundable deposit is payable in advance, with the rest paid on completion. Due to the nature of chalk pastels, revisions may not be possible.   


If you'd like to commission a painting for commercial use, there will usually be an additional fee.


The fee will depend on your intended use of the image.


Please get in touch to discuss your needs, and to get a quote for a commercial commission. 

Personalise a painting

Personalise one of these classic Lincolnshire beach scenes with your loved ones. 

These small paintings comes ready to hang.


So all you have to do is specify how many people (and dogs!) to include. 

Or if you've seen a painting you like in the gallery of original paintings but there's something missing ( a dog, a loved one), get in touch as I may be able to amend the painting so it's perfect and just for you!


Prices to customise a painting start at an additional £40. Full payment is needed in advance.  

Our morning walk
Custom order a painting
Boy in Wellington Boots

If you've seen one of my paintings that you really wanted but that you missed out on, get in touch as I may be able to repaint it for you.


It wouldn't be identical but I often repaint scenes and sometimes I get them so close I can't tell them apart!

There's usually no additional charge for painting to order but a non-refundable deposit of 50% is payable in advance. 

Digital artwork

Got an event, a project, or an occasion you want to make really special?

Or a business that needs some extra special marketing material?

A digital copy of my artwork might be just what you need.

Digital files can be used to print on pretty much anything. 

It's a very affordable way to make something really special and unique. 

Please get in touch if you'd like to purchase or enquire about digital artwork.

Coffin wrap

Digital file of one of my paintings used to wrap a coffin for a loved one who loved the Lincolnshire coast. 

Ordering prints of your custom artwork

If you'd like the artwork from your commission or custom order printed on canvas, paper, greetings cards, keyrings, mugs, coasters or placemats, please just get in touch.  

The cost is the same as for any of these items already in my catalogue. 

I'll send you an image before you place your order so you can see how the painting would be cropped, depending on the item you're ordering. 

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