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Thank you for visiting my website! I'm delighted you're here. And I'm guessing you're here because you love the Lincolnshire coast as much as I do.

My name is Geraldine Segre and I'm a professional artist based in the village of Anderby on the Lincolnshire coast. I'm originally from London but am very lucky to now call Lincolnshire my home. 

I love living here. The Lincolnshire coast and countryside is beautiful, yet can sometimes also be bleak and melancholy. It's full of joy, nostalgia and wonderful memories for so many people, often going back generations. I try to capture that emotion in my paintings.

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My Story

How it started

I've been painting, sketching and making, for as long as I can remember. But I'd never painted seascapes till I moved here and made Lincolnshire art my focus. I rediscovered chalk pastels only quite recently too. To me, chalk pastels seascapes are a perfect match. 

What inspires me

You can imagine that I'm not short of inspiration living here on the Lincolnshire coast! My beach walks provide endless inspiration for my art. Living here all year round allows me to get under the skin of the place - seeing it in all weathers, through all seasons, and at different times of the day. People often tell me they feel like they're actually there in my paintings. I think all that time I spend observing my surroundings helps me capture the essence of the places I paint. 


I'm inspired by colours, shadows, the mood of the skies and waves, and by vast scenes that remind us how tiny we humans are compared to the natural world. I’m fascinated by places where nature and man-made structures meet - sea defences, outfalls, piers and seaside resorts. I'm also inspired by the stories you tell me, about your family holidays here going back generations, and your early memories of your favourite places. 


I love to paint all the wonderful places along the Lincolnshire coast, from Gibraltar Point to Cleethorpes, via Skegness, Ingoldmells, Chapel St Leonards and Chapel Point, Anderby Creek, Sandilands, Sutton on Sea, and Mablethorpe.

My process

My paintings start with a walk. I'll take lots of reference photos and use them to plan a painting when I'm back in my little studio. I sometimes  paint outdoors too but that's mostly for observational sketches and practice. If you see me down at the beach with my chalk pastels, do stop by and say hello!

I paint mostly in chalk pastel because their vibrant colours are well suited to the drama of the English coast and countryside. I also love how physical chalk pastel is. There’s nothing between me and the chalk pastel stick. It can get mucky but I’m at my happiest covered in chalk dust! But I sometimes paint in watercolour or gouache too. 

When I'm not painting
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When I'm not painting, or running my art business, you'll find me out walking. I also love taking trips around the UK in our motorhome, sea swimming (strictly summer time only!), and listening to history podcasts.

And I love family time of course. I live with my partner, Tony, and I have two grown-up children who live in London and Chichester.

I also like to do what I can to inspire the next generation of artists. So I go into local schools and talk to the children about my art, and do art workshops with them.  

My art business

I launched my art business in the autumn of 2020. Since then, I've sold over 700 original paintings and prints, to customers across the UK, and in Europe. I love the creative process of adding my art to other items and am always mucking about on some new project. I'm always on the look out for new ideas so if you think I'm missing a trick, please get in touch! 

I'm mostly a one woman band, although I also work with some carefully-chosen, UK-based specialist print partners too, to bring you canvas prints, greetings cards and art gifts.


My art is currently available as original paintings and prints (on canvas and on paper), art gifts and greetings cards. You can view and purchase all my art from this website. But I'm always exploring new ways to get my art to new audiences. Subscribe to my email list and follow me on social media to keep up to date with my latest artworks and projects. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at my art. I hope you like it.

Geraldine x


Got any questions? Interested in a collaboration, or my art classes? Email me and I'll get straight back to you. 

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Take a look behind the scenes

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Time-lapse video

Time-lapse video
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'Down to Chapel Beach'; a timelapse of the painting

'Down to Chapel Beach'; a timelapse of the painting

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